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ITALIAN RADIO suona solo Canzoni Italiane d’Amore. Dal 1960 ad oggi. Tra un brano musicale e l’altro, in lingua italiana, le ultime notizie in Italia e nel mondo, i vostri messaggi WhatsApp e gli aforismi sull’Amore.

ITALIAN RADIO plays only best romantic music made in Italy. From 1960 to today. Between one song and another, in Italian, the latest news from Italy and the world, your WhatsApp messages and aphorisms about love.

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ITALIAN RADIO ♪ Only (romantic) Italian Music is a UK digital radio station with the aim of introducing Italians living in England to Italian love songs and with non-interactive digital streaming services.
It is not for profit and has no direct or indirect income and no commercial purpose. Broadcasting studio in London, Lloyd’s Avenue (EC3N 3DS) | phone +44-20-3608-2320